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ABC of How To: Train Your Puppy

images 53How To: Train Your Puppy


Here are some suggestions on how to train your new puppy. The sooner you start the more successful you will be. Also keep in mind that physical abuse will only teach your dog fear.

  1. Do NOT encourage your puppy to chew on facsimiles of valued objects. For example he/she will not know the difference between an old shoe verses a new shoe.

  2. NEVER put your hand or fingers in your puppy’s mouth while playing. It will become a habit and later on one you will regret.

  3. ALLOW the puppy to climb and jump on you only when you are seated on the floor. If you let him/her jump on you when you’re in a chair, you are teaching him/her to sit on the furniture.

  4. NEVER encourage your puppy to bark on command. This will lead to excessive barking and a dog that “talks back.”

  5. PUPPIES get bored and anxious easily if you leave them alone too long. This can turn into destructive behavior.

  6. REMEMBER to praise your puppy when he/she is good.

  7. TREAT bad behavior with a stern NO and a shaking or a harsh noisemaker.

Have fun with your new puppy in training.



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