July 25, 2024

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An Unforgettable Experience at Magnetic Fields Festival with Corona

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My recent venture into the realm of innovation, forward-thinking electronica music marked a significant shift in my musical journey. Until about a year ago, I had always gravitated towards genres infused with lyrics and meaning, choosing my favourite based on the mood of the day. Little did I know that my first encounter with this genre would redefine music and its meditative power for me. Furthering my love and introducing me to various other genre, Corona introduced me to the alluring world of music at the Magnetic Field Festival.

With my newfound love for electronic beats pulsing in my heart, I embarked on a journey to Alsisar in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, a small town four hours from Jaipur. Surrounded by serene plains and desert dunes, the town’s rural setting belied the magical transformation it underwent during the impeccably curated Magnetic Fields Festival.

Escaping Mundane with Corona at Magnetic Fields:


As I made my way in, walking on the cool sand of the desert, I was greeted by an impeccable view of the setting sun, pink-hued clouds covering the blue sky, and the slight temperature drop of the evening making a slight chill go down my spine. A little walk in, I found myself at the heart of the Magnetic Fields Music Festival, accompanied by Corona. My belongings stowed away, I felt an irresistible pull toward the desert filled with music, and my first stop was the Corona Retreat.

In the pulse of Rajasthan’s lively beats and expansive landscapes, the Corona Retreat stood as an eye-catching spot as soon as you walked into the festival. The only two-storey spot in the desert, the Corona Retreat provided festival-goers an exclusive refuge from the energetic buzz of the event, giving them the perfect oasis to relax, revive, and connect with people. A call to ‘Log Off-Lime In’ echoed, inviting a plunge into a sanctuary crafted by Corona.


After I grabbed myself a lime-dunked bottle of Corona, it was time to explore this retreat for the amazing experiences it provided.

Starting with Slow Tattoos, a perfect concept to blend in with the vibe of the festival, detailed designs mirroring the hues of a sunset. The spot captured the fleeting essence of the festival and was always crowded with people picking designs and getting their sparkle on. Apart from Slow Tattoos, one could also indulge in some Live Screen Printing, giving festival-goers the perfect personalized souvenir to carry back with them as a reminder of the time they had at the retreat.


With my face shining with sequins and glitter and my belongings safely packed up in my screen-printed tote, I was summoned by intoxicating music to my next destination, the Corona Sundowner Stage. Atop the Alsisar palace, this haven of artistic synergy didn’t just set the stage; it was a revelry of music, art, and extraordinary moments, providing a unique break from the vibrant beat of the event. It was where the party started, working as a perfect gateway into the evening.

The lineup was nothing short of spectacular, featuring Delhi-based producer Vridian’s new live show ‘Etymon,’ an infectious set from the capital-based composer Alboe, and debut performances by young and upcoming producers Sanoli Chowdhury and Angus 12. Bangalore-based DJ and producer Unnayanaa’s new live set ‘Osmosis’ and a live set by American producer and trumpet player Kareem Ali added to the eclectic mix.

Throughout the weekend, I would plan out my day such that I made way to the top of the roof, to the Corona Sundowner stage before it pulled massive crowds, so I could find myself the perfect spot, getting the perfect view of the sunset and the artist at the same time.

At the Corona Sundowner stage, one would completely be taken in by the music and beats, that complemented the changing hues of the sky, as the sun made its way down the horizon. As the evening processed every day, the Sundowner Stage was the spot to be to get your groove on, sipping on the cold lime-dunked drink, as you got comfortable with the air getting chillier around you.


It would be nearly impossible to pinpoint what rendered the stage the quintessential focal point of the festival. Whether it was the musical performance, the sky adorned with the flawless hues of the sunset, the lively backdrop of the stage mirroring the onset of dusk, or the camaraderie with fellow music enthusiasts who would reciprocate your smile every time you made eye contact. The overall experience was nothing short of perfection.

As melodies wove through the vibrant tapestry of Rajasthan’s culture, Corona transformed into more than a mere libation. It embodied a warm embrace of the festival’s essence, creating connections and sculpting spaces that elevated the collective experience. In harmony with the festival’s philosophy of exploration and total immersion, Corona emerged not just as a drink but as a shared journey, a reservoir of creativity that etched an unforgettable moment into the hearts of all who partook!


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