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Arianna Huffington | Net Worth


Arianna HuffingtonArianna Huffington is a glorious Greek- American Journalist and Business women with net worth of $50 million. Her earning sources are The Huffington post website, acting and her professional career life.

In 1973, Arianna wrote a book The Female Woman. This book deal about women liberation making women free from limits that might be related to thoughts or behavior. She was influenced by social worker women who served as legend for woman welfare. She wrote various articles for National review magazines. She also wrote biography of famous personalities like Maria Callas, Pablo Picasso and Maria Callas- the Women behind the Legend. She was only lady who recall Governor Gray Davis in the 2003 election. She announced that she was applying for the election before her opposition describing about her property. They were specially guided during the election period to avoid personal attack. After the election was held she loosed but captured the 5th position. Arianna website has established her life to some extent.

Her website name is The Huffington Post. She launched this site in May 2005 and has 850 employers. She has helped the government by providing employment to 850 people. This site provides News, blogs, original content, women’s interests etc. Her site is the no.1 sites among 15 as per eBizMBA. She was a panelist in BBC radio 4 which deals with political question. She also worked in television panel games Call My Bluff and Face the Music. Not only this she was also a co-host and used to host in Saturday Night at The Mill. She quitted the show after four weeks when complaints started to rain over her.

Arianna Huffington was born on July 15, 1950 in Athens, Greece.  She belongs to Konstantinos, a journalist and management consultant and Elli. She received her education in economic at Girton College and was the first foreign and third female President of the Girton College union. She was just 16 years old when she moved to UK for further study. While used to work in Face the Music she met Bernard Levin, a writer and a role model. They were attracted to each other and started dating.

They spent their vacation touring hotels and restaurant at France. Not only this they also travelled whole world in music festival for BBC. Their relationship was well and ended with Bernard death. After the death she started to write article because he was a writer. By 1985, she met Michael Huffington and started to date him. After dating for about 1.5 years they married in April 12, 1986. In 1992, they migrated to California for the Republican seat in US House of Representatives. Both couples were happy as Michael won by an important margin. Later in 1994, Michael lost his seat with minor difference. By 1997, he loosed both his seat and his wife because they divorced in 1997. During their marital life she gave birth to Christina Sophia and Isabella Diana Huffington.

She is a renowned personality popular for her business and her shows like, Saturday Night at the Mill Bhutto and to the Contrary.

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