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Choose The Right Dog For Your Family

Choose The Right Dog For Your Family
Choose The Right Dog For Your Family


When buying a dog for the family, you need to first consider the type of dog . Don’t worry about the size because many large dogs actually need less room then the smaller ones. You also need to decide which sex the family would prefer, which there are pros and cons for both. Decide whether you want a guard dog or just an all around fun to play with family dog.

  1. SCENT hounds are well-suited for city life and children. Examples: beagle, bloodhound, basset, and dachshund.

  2. SIGHT or GAZEhounds were originally bred for running after prey and killing it. They need a lot of room to be happy. Examples: saluki, Irish wolfhound, Scottish deerhound, greyhound, and Afghan.

  3. SPORTING dogs were originally bred to find game and retrieve it.  They need a little less room then the sight hounds. With the exception of Labrador and Newfoundland retrievers, sporting dogs are not very protective or good with children. Examples: spaniels, retrievers, setters, and pointers.

  4. WORKING dogs are pretty much the most intelligent and protective. They are pretty large (60-150 pounds) and are used to outdoor work. They easily adapt to city life if they get exercise at least twice a day. They also require less space than smaller, more active dogs like terriers. Examples: German shepherds, malamutes, huskies, collies, and sheepdogs.

  5. TERRIERS are the most alert and active dogs. They are very tenacious, extremely protective and can be aggressive. They need space and are good with children and older people. Examples: Scottish, Welsh, fox, Airedale, West Highland white, and schnauzers.

  6. TOYdogs are are very charming and perfect companions for adults. These dogs are not recommended for small children because they are way too fragile. Examples: Pekingese, Yorkshire terrier, Maltese, Pomeranian, toy poodle, and Italian greyhound.

  7. NON-SPORTING dogs are a group of dogs with no special characteristics. This would include unrelated breeds, such as the poodle, French and English bulldogs, Boston terrier, chow chow, and dalmatian.



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