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Hannah Hart Biography

Hannah Hart Biography

Quick Facts
Name: Hannah Hart
Nickname: Harto
Date of Birth: November 2, 1986
Nationality: American
Education At: University of California, Berkeley
Profession:  YouTube Personality, comedian
Marital Status: Unmarried
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Partner:  Grace Helbig
Children: No
Net Worth: N/A
Channel: Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart, who was born as Hannah Maud Hart is a prominent American YouTuber, comedian, actress and producer mostly known for featuring in a weekly series on YouTube, My Drunk Kitchen. She is also sometime addressed with her nickname Harto. Hart was born to American parents on November 2, 1986. Naomi is her older sister and Maggie is the name of her younger half-sister. Hart lived a life in Japan for a short period of time after she completed her high school. After she returned home, Hannah went to Berkeley, where she did her graduation majoring in Japanese language and English literature.

Prior to her YouTube career, Hart longed of writing screenplays, but fortunate twist of fate made her something different. Earlier, she embarked on her professional career as a proofreader for translating firm based in Manhattan. Soon, shadow of boredom cast upon her as a result, she quitted proofreading Japanese. Afterward, with the aim of seeking YouTube career, Hart created her own YouTube channel. Hannah got her big break in March 2011 when she uploaded My Drunk Kitchen in the popular video website. Within a month of video release, millions of people liked the video on YouTube which brought Hart an immediate success. On her main channel on YouTube, Hannah uploads new episodes of My Drunk Kitchen each Thursday for the viewers. Except from her primary YouTube channel, she has launched a second channel where she gives advices on wide variety of topics and shares her experience of life. Today, Hart is viewed as one of the top internet sensation. Having won streamy award in 2013, she has secured a position for herself as a highly rated YouTube personality.

Celebrities from all over the globe, what things they all share in common, are their lavish lifestyle and considerable amount of wealth. Persistently, they prefer to flaunt their richness in order to get regular media attention and of course Hart is not an exception. Despite the fact, this internet personality has not publicized her net worth, but celebrated blonde still remains the talk of the town for her socialite and extravagant lifestyle. Till the date, none of the authentic source has revealed her net worth, but taking a look at her growing popularity, it’s pretty sure Hart’s net worth must have risen significantly.
When it comes about private issues of celebrities, media intrusion is certainly obvious. Moreover, growing celebrity culture has caused great public interest in celebrity’s lives. It seems as if their private life is no more private. Taking a look inside Hannah Hart’s personal life, she proudly admits of being gay. She has dared to announce the world that she is a lesbian. But looking back to her emotional journey, it was not easy to come out of the closet until Hannah moved to New York. Being a part of the conservative Christian family, earlier, she had repressed her sexual preference. Regardless of her confession, some people still speculate if she has a boyfriend which is in no way sensible. In reality, Hart is romantically linked with Grace Helbig who is also supposed to be her girlfriend. Adding more interesting fact, a beautiful tattoo right above Hannah’s heart with play and pause symbol can be seen which she shows off in her video.

Hart is now running at the age of 35. Her consistent hard work and dedication greatly contributed to her success. In order to get along with her thriving fan following, Hart feels necessarily important to use social sites like Twitter and Facebook. On her solo effort, she has earned million of fans following worldwide. She can be followed at Hannah Hart (@harto) on Twitter. Other essential information and a biography of this famous internet personality can be explored from Wiki and multiple online destinations on the web.



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