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How To Make Windows XP Bootable USB Installation

Make Windows XP Bootable USB Installation

Make Windows XP Bootable USB InstallationThese days many computer systems allow the user to install an operating system through a USB port. This new feature makes things a lot easier and more portable because now the user can easily install any operating system on a PC through his pocket USB Flash Disk. Windows XP is vastly being used by home and professionals users alike. And like other operating systems, we can create a bootable USB Flash installation disk for Windows XP.

For this, you need:

Creating a Windows XP USB installation involves the following steps:

  1. Download WinToFlash from one of the download links given above.
  2. Extract it, from where you can easily access it later.
  3. Plug in your USB flash disk and quick format it. Note the drive letter assigned to your USB disk.
  4. Insert your Windows XP CD in your CD\DVD drive.
  5. Make new folder named “WinXP setup” on you “C” drive.
  6. Copy all files and folders from the Windows Installation CD to the “WinXP setup” folder we just created.
  7. When it is successfully copied, Run WinToFlash.
  8. Accept the terms of agreement.
  9. Click on the big “Tick” button, this will open a wizard which will help you create your installation USB flash disk.
  10. Click on next.
  11. In the Windows files path type, choose the WinXP setup folder which we had created earlier.
  12. In the USB Drive, select the drive letter of your USB disk.
  13. Click on next.
  14. Select “I accept” then click on Continue.
  15. Let the wizard do its job. This will take some time according to your system specs. When it says Finished, click on next
  16. Click on exit and that’s it. You have successfully created a USB Flash Installation Disk for Windows XP.


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