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Jack Harries | Biography

Jack Harries | Biography

Quick Facts
Name: Jack Harries
Date of Birth: 13 May 1993
Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Parent: Andy Harries and Rebecca Fryan
Sibling: Finn Harries and Emmy Lou
Education at: The Harrodian School
Profession: YouTuber
YouTube Channel: Jack Gap
Subscribers: 3.4 millions
Videos:  Above 55
Marital Status: Unmarried
Net Worth: N/A
Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Jack Harries is an English-born internet personality who has flourished in the entertainment industry as a YouTuber and blogger. He is also mostly known for having an illustrious past as a child actor. Harries is notable in the popular culture as comedic sensation and his videos on YouTube, which has been enjoyed by a large number of people. He was born as a second child of the bourgeois English couple on 13th May 1993 in London. His father Andy Harries is a British film and television producer while his mother, Rebecca Fryan is famous as an author and director. Michael Frayn, who was his maternal grandmother, had built a reputation as a novelist and playwright. Finn Harries is the name of his older twin brother and has also got a younger sister called Emmy Lou.

Speaking of Jack’s early years, he was brought up in Chiswick along with his siblings who were by all means his closest childhood friends as well. At the age of eight, Harries was sent to The Harrodian School, which he attended till eighteen. While studying there, he demonstrated a great interest and skill in learning photography, media and the history of art. On the other hand, his older brother, Finn, eagerly devoured graphic design at the University of Leeds. However, without completing their formal education, both of them decided to quit study to focus on their entire attention on creating YouTube videos journeying around the world. Jack Harries made his YouTube video debut in July 2011. As the beginning of his professional YouTube career, he launched JackGap which was also in some way a tribute to his family and friends.  According to Jack, out of sheer boredom, he was after doing something creative and eventually ended up running JackGap. At first, nobody was interested in video created by some random kid out of whim. But as soon as Finn was featured in video, views grew constantly. As of April 2012, JackGap earned ten thousand subscribers and officially called for being YouTube partner. JackGap’s video in large part covers comedy sketches, bungee jumping, making balloon animals and unicycling. In addition to that Harries brother has also documented their extensive expedition to South Africa, Rome, New York City, Ibiza and Thailand. The vivid recollection of their journey can surely give vicarious joy to viewers. In particular, teenage girls are mostly fascinated by JackGaps. As of April 2014, 3.4 million people have subscribed in JackGap. Looking back on twin brother’s life, now, one can claim with a serenity that their decision to drop out of college was absolutely right. Had not they dropped out, certainly they would not have reached here. Harris’ success beyond the visible limits must surely have resulted great fortune. However, he does not like to reveal his net worth and other income sources.

Unveiling the private matter of Jack, according to sources, Harries is not romantically linked with anyone at this time. However, in the past, his romance with his ex-girlfriend Ella Grace Denton was the talk of the town. His love affair with his past girlfriends, Jess S and Laura also caught public attention. Rumors that Jack Harries is either gay or bisexual were once extensively covered on the web but actually none of it was true. Adding more, Jack outrageously pleases in appearance, impressingly standing 5 feet and 11 inches tall in height. He looks perfectly cool and awesome when he becomes shirtless to show off his attractive body.
His loving fans can browse a number of sites such as Wiki to obtain all essential information about his professional and private life. Internet sensation Jack Harries can be followed on Twitter at (@JackHarries).



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