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Laurence Fishburne | Net Worth

Laurence Fishburne

Laurence Fishburne the noted personality in Hollywood industry is an Actor, director, play writer and producer who has the net worth of $20 million. Today, he is listed in millionaire category and his income source is his 42 year long career in film industry.

Laurence Fishburne first job was depicting Joshua Hall on the One Life to live show. During starting phase of his career he got chance in popular TV series Good Times but after playing one episodes he was replaced by Ralph Carter. He was well experienced with acting life because he has played various minor roles in his childhood stage. His famous shows during childhood were, Cornbread and Earl and Me, where he played the role of witness. In 1980, while working on TV he also worked as bouncer at rocks club due to financial problem. He played various minor roles before getting leading roles. His some minor roles videos were, The Cotton Club, Paul Reuben’s CBS, and The Tooth Shall Set You Free.

In 1990, he got opportunity to play in king of New York in the role of Jimmy Jump which increased his confidence. He performed stage Two Trains Running Wilson which provided him Tony Awards and Emmy Awards for The Box series. By this period he has stood himself as popular character and was offered by various TV series and producers.  In 1993, he was nominated for Oscar for the role of Ike turner series What’s Love Got to Do with It. He was in momentum and winning one after other award. In 1995, he won outstanding Supporting Actors in a Motion Picture and his role was Othello. He played many series but he became prominence in 1999, when he played The Matrix movie as Morpheus. This science fiction movie was loved by public and it became blockbuster hit. As it became hit other parts, The Matrix Reloaded and Matrix revolution were released and this too became box office hit.

Laurence was born on July 30, 1961in USA. He is the son of Hattie Bell, a teacher and Laurence john Fishburne who is a Juvenile correction officer. He was rarer and cared by her mother after their parents were separated. He received his graduation from Lincoln Square Academy situated in USA. He has married twice in his life. He married actress Hajna O. Moss on 1985. During their marriage life they gave birth to son Langston and daughter Montana fishburne. They got divorced before the birth of Montana. After the divorced he started to date Gina Torres. After dating about ten years they got engaged in 2001 and married in September 22, 2002. By 2007, he announced that he was going to be father and by June 2007, Delilah was born. Recently, he is residence of New York living happy life with his family.

He is a famous personality well known for his role Morpheus in matrix movie. He is also the first person from his race that played in Oliver Parker’s 1995 Film adaption of the Shakespeare. He is intelligent and creative person who was nominated for Oscar and various awards.



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