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Magnetic Fields Music Festival 2023 to return to for its 9th edition

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As we mark the end of 2023, the arrival of December also means that several music festivals will be taking place in different parts of India. Globally recognised as one of the most exciting contemporary art and music festivals around the world, Magnetic Fields will also be returning for its 9th edition in December 2023. For anyone who has not been introduced to the Magnetic Fields music festival yet, let us tell you that it is an independent event that was founded by artists for like-minded people and it is a celebration of everything art.

Produced by Wild City, Alsisar Mahal, Kunal Lodhia, Vikram Jagdev, Bijju Varghese and Smita Singh Rathore, what makes this edition of the music festival even more enticing is the amazing lineup of artists that will be performing at the Magnetic Fields music festival 2023. With the inspiration to showcase diverse, future-facing sounds from India and around the world, and shine a spotlight on talent from the region, the presentation for this event includes acts and artists that have set the electronic music landscape abuzz in recent years with their craft and sound. Here’s everything you need to know about the 2023 Magnetic Fields music festival.

Magnetic Fields music festival returns to Alsisar for its 9th edition in December 2023

Magnetic Fields music festival co-founder, Munbir Chawla, promises that the 2023 lineup will be fresher and better. “There will definitely be more focus on unheard sounds and up-and-coming acts from India, and our festival commission Fieldlines, which focuses on intergenerational cultural sharing and exploring new approaches to the traditional residency format, will return for a third edition,” he explains. The three-day contemporary arts and music festival is scheduled to be held in the desert village of Alsisar.

Date: 15, 16, 17 December
Venue: Alsisar Palace of Jhunjhunu
Ticket Price:  USD 194 (INR 16,000) to USD 1,516 (INR 1,25,000)

Artists playing at Magnetic Fields Festival 2023

December Music Festivals 2023
Glass Beams

The event space will be divided into different stages including the Jameson Connects South Stage, the BUDxYARD, The Peacock Club and Pukaar. The South Stage will have Indian classical musicians from across regions and instrumental backgrounds like Anuja Zokarkar, Nusrat Apoorv and Vinay Ramadasan, with percussionist Vaibhav Wavikar and Bangalore-based artist Rahul Giri aka _RHL on the stage, amongst other performances including a very special performance by Melbourne-based masked quartet Glass Beams. Otik, Nosedrip, and GAZZI would be a few talented artists playing at BUDxYARD.

The Peacock Club will host artists from Social Isolation, a label formed by Kolkata-based polymath Varun Desai. Music producers including Philtersoup, Sourya Sen, Farah Mulla, Zequenx, Noni-Mouse and Coma Conscience will also be seen performing in the Peacock Club. Dragalactiq at the Peacock Club will host six queer artists including an aerialist, two dancers and three drag queens.

Puqaar will focus on folk art forms and other musical endeavours that share a history with the region of Rajasthan. Get lost in the soulful tunes of haveli sangeet, ghazal, and Rajasthani folk music and a new ghazal act, t=0 (Time Equals Zero). Take part in the Gond art workshop and don’t forget to check out the small crafts shop selling paintings by folk artists from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Maharashtra.

Magnetic Fields Festival ticket price

music festivals in december 2023 india
Dame Imfala at Paradise at The Peacock Club, Image Courtesy: Shrey Gupta

The tickets for the festival went live on sale on 5 July. Accommodation options including palace rooms, and luxury and general camping are also available. The festival, like every year, is limited in capacity and promises to be an immersive, sensorial adventure. The ticket price can range from INR 16,000 (USD 194) to INR 1,25,000 (USD 1,516) depending on the kind of pass and accommodation you take.

Magnetic Fields Festival 2023 theme

December Music Festivals 2023 Magnetic Fields Festival

The theme for one of the most stimulating contemporary arts and music festivals in the world is ‘preservation’. It is an attempt by the makers to urge everyone to protect what’s good, restore what’s vanishing, and maintain what’s paramount for humankind.

“From the decor and design elements to the activities, workshops and music – showcasing artists who use their platform to advocate for preservation and environmental protection – it will all reflect the diversity of cultures and traditions that we aim to preserve and honour,” Chawla revealed. The focus of the festival is to curate exciting music while also introducing new concepts and experiences to the attendees.

What else can you look forward to at the festival?

Magnetic Fields Festival 2023 music festivals in december india
Noni Mouse

Spaces like Magnetic Words (storytelling) and Magnetic Sanctuary (wellness) at the Magnetic Fields Festival have set the bar high for an experiential festival in India. You surely won’t want to miss exploring these spaces when at the world’s best boutique events. Activities on offer at Magnetic Sanctuary include music and meditation, sound baths, blindfolded sensory experiences, hot mess yoga and vinyasa yoga, cacao therapy, aromatherapy, astrology, acupuncture, and massage therapy. Don’t forget to check out the interactive and immersive installation that will be set up by design studios, SHED and The Architecture Story.

For more details, visit the official website here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the Magnetic Fields Festival?
Magnetic Fields Festival is one of the best musical festivals that is celebrated every year in December at the Alsisar Palace of Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, India.

What is the Magnetic Fields Festival about?
Magnetic Fields is a three-day stimulating contemporary arts and music festival taking place in December 2023 that celebrates new artists and good music.

Who is the owner of the Magnetic Fields Festival?
Magnetic Fields is an independently-produced music festival which will be taking place in December 2023. Munbir and Sarah Chawla are spearheading this entire movement of music and art in India.

Who are the artists playing at the Magnetic Fields Festival?
will be playing this December at Magnetic Fields which is one of the biggest music festivals in India.

Image Courtesy: Magnetic Field/Instagram


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