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Michelle Phan | Biography

Michelle Phan | Biography

Quick Facts
Name: Michelle Phan
Date of Birth: April 11, 1987
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts
Ethnicity: Asian
Education at: Ringling School of Art
Profession: YouTube Personality
Marital Status: Unmarried
Height: 5 feet and inches
Net Worth: $ 3 million

Michelle Phan is a Vietnamese-American YouTube celebrity who became notable as a passionate makeup artist and entrepreneur in the world of beauty and fashion. Having produced some of the most unique YouTube video tutorial, Phan has emerged as one of the leading makeup gurus in the popular video website. Phan was born as a second child into a Vietnamese family on April 11, 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts. Steve Phan is her older brother and Christine is the name of her younger half-sister. Speaking about Phan’s early life, she didn’t have happy and satisfying childhood. Her father was addicted to gambling which lead the family to financial bankruptcy as a result her family frequently moved to different location. Her mother remarried after working as a single mother for a few years.

Early on, Phan went to Bay Technical High School since then she was naturally inclined to artistic work. Drawing was a subject of great interest to her which eventually caused her to fall in love with makeup. During those years, Phan also underwent through emotional crisis from her stepfather, inciting Phan’s mother to abandon her stepfather. Although her family was cursed by poverty, but Michelle was lucky enough to have a chance to study in the Ringling School of Art and Design in Florida. In 2005, Phan embarked on her professional career as a makeup instructor in a YouTube world. Soon, her popular Lady Gaga look video tutorial brought her an overnight success. Earning a more than million subscribers, Phan became a notable YouTube celebrity promptly. Following her instant success, she featured glamorously in Lancome’s video product. As of 2007, Phan has launched and featured in more than 250 videos. Having given some of the most valuable beauty tips, the trailblazing woman has paved the way for many. On her own effort, she has nabbed the million of audiences all across the globe.

Apart from being known as a make-up instructor in a YouTube world. Michelle is highly notable in media and entertainment industry for sybaritic lavishness. Indeed, her luxurious lifestyle is a tribute to her richness and fame. Moreover, in the current trend of the modern world, all celebrities including pop star, movie star and internet personalities are more commonly identified with ostentatious lifestyle. Michelle’s constantly growing fortune is something that always excites the curiosity of her fan. Having made more than 300 videos and over 6 million subscribers for her YouTube channels Phan’s fortune lies on whopping net worth of $ 3 million. Pictures of Michelle Phan flaunting her wealth are circularized all over the web.

Similar to her professional life, it seems as if everything is an open secret about her private life. Often she makes a parade of her private issue out in public. She can be found bringing up the matter of her past life in her blog. Michelle is reported to have said that she grew up in an extreme poverty. And today, having made a fortune of million dollars, she loves to show off her clothing, jewelry and furniture to her fan. Unlike other A-grade stars that rarely prefer to speak about their romantic relationship, Phan shares the picture of her boyfriend with her eagerly awaiting fans. May be the reason behind is she wants to be different or perhaps, she does not require privacy at all. Lately, in her newly uploaded video with the title “My distance relationship” Michelle shares how she got started with her boyfriend Dom. Despite of extensive media coverage of the celebrity’s romantic relationship, she frequently explains her romantic involvement. To this time, Michelle has not married. In addition, Phan, who propounds the natural ways of beauty, is dragged into controversy with regards to her plastic surgery issue. It is rumored that she has had her eyelids, nose and jaw surgery. Being of Vietnamese descent, Phan has a short height of five feet and one inch however she has undeniable beauty.

Michelle has just turned 33 but the YouTube sensation boasts millions of audiences across the United States and Asia. For sure, she is one of the most adorable YouTube stars who create awesome video. Today, Michelle has fulfilled her ambition and living with her dreams. Many online sources like Wiki, and has covered the personal detail of Michelle Phan.



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