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Philip Franchini | Biography

Philip Franchini | Biography

Quick Facts
Name: Philip Franchini
Nick Name: Philip DeFranco
Date of Birth: December 1, 1985
Place of Birth: The Bronx, New York
Nationality: American
Education at: University of South Florida
Profession: Internet Personality, Video Blogger
Religious Belief: Atheist
Partner: Lindsay Jordan Doty
Children: Philip Trey DeFranco
Height: 6 feet

Philip Franchini is famous in the internet world by his pseudonym Philip Defranco, is a far famed American internet personality and video blogger. He is best known to the internet hobbyist for the YouTube video series The Philip DeFranco. He is also well known by his nickname Sxephill & PhillyD.  His show offers a unique taste with a sense of humor on contemporary political affairs, celebrity talk and sex issue. Since July 2, 2013, he has stayed on top, earning a reputation as one of the most subscribed YouTuber. Born on December 1, 1985 in the Bronx, New York, he was brought up by his father and stepmother.

Looking into the early days of his life, he attended different educational institute but could not complete his formal education. He was once enrolled at the University of South Florida and prior to that he has been also a biology student at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. Near the beginning of his YouTube career in 2007, DeFranco was obliged to do low – grade jobs eventually he also faced hand to mouth survival. The hard up man slept many nights in his car. As of 2007, DeFranco made a leap forward creating a YouTube channel under his own name “PhilipDeFranco”.

At that time, the show unexpectedly got 1.8 million views. With an intention to attract a large number of teens, from then on, he also switched the subject matter to news, gossip and sex. Following year, Defranco’s big break once again arrived when he landed a role in Hooking Up along with Kevin Wu and Jessica Rose. On the second day of Hooking up, over 450,000 viewers watched it which was the phenomenal success of the NewTeeVee blog. In the beginning of 2012, DeFranco made a contract with Revision3 subsequently he also entertained audiences hosting the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

As of September 2012, his show had nearly 30 million views per month. As a proponent of gun control laws, he had a discourse with U.S vice president, Joe Biden. When it comes to his financial status, Philip has earned net worth from his videos which extensively covers politics, sex and celebrity gossip. Philip stands perfect example for those looking for some inspiration to turn an idea into million dollar fortune. He is now an award winning YouTube celebrity with an estimated net worth of $ 3 million.

In his inner life, Philip has described himself as an atheist. But, earlier in 2013, he took an agnostic view of God. Turning to more worldly concern, he was having a long time affair with Lindsay Jordan Doty. On August 16, 2013, on his show “DeFranco Loves Dat AZ” he proposed to his girlfriend. Subsequently, they got engaged and at the moment he is living the happiest days of his life with his fiancee. On October 8, 2013, Lindsay and DeFranco announced that they would be welcoming their firstborn in April. On April 22, 2014, the couple warmly welcomed their first child Trey DeFranco.

In 2008, DeFranco earned his first award as a Sexiest Geek. In 2010, he was nominee as the best Vlogger for the Streamy Award. The year 2013 turned favorable for him that year Philip was garnered with multiple awards. He was selected and eventually won the 3rd Streamy awards in the category of Audience choice for the best series of the year. That year he also became the winner for the Best News and Culture Series in the 3rd Streamy awards.
DeFranco is also recognized as largely followed celebrity in social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Millions of his admirer have hit like in his fan page. More about him can be found in the Wiki and other online sites over the web.



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