June 17, 2024

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The 15 Best Bass Music Tracks Of March 2024

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Welcome to our monthly chart, where we identify and break down the top 15 bass music anthems.

March’s selection encompasses a ton of Lost Lands headliners and underground artists, reflecting experimental bass, wubs, dubstep, trap, riddim, and everything in between. Enter the realm of sonic experimentation as we shed light on various bass-powered anthems and their creators.

Effin – In The Sky [Self-Release]

Effin combines the nostalgia of classic vinyl with the dynamic intensity of contemporary bass production, creating a sonic tapestry that evokes the sensation of an exhilarating journey through sound. “In The Sky” exemplifies his exceptional skills, blending retro vocal samples with innovative sound design, resulting in a mesmerizing anthem that draws from classical, experimental bass, hip-hop, and various other musical influences.

Rezz, Blanke – Everywhere, Nowhere [HypnoVizion Records]

Reuniting, Rezz and Blanke unleashed the haunting single “Everywhere, Nowhere,” showcasing their evolved production prowess since their initial collaboration in 2018. With its eerie vibe and immediate impact, the track combines Rezz’s signature dark melody execution with Blanke’s studio mastery, featuring cascading synths, and spine-rattling bass drops intertwined with ominous vocal snippets. “Everywhere, Nowhere” transcends mere speakers, demanding the listener’s undivided attention with its weighty presence and hypnotic allure. It is a pivotal piece of Rezz’s 10-track LP, CAN YOU SEE ME? 

Steller – Mind Shaker [MorFlo Records]

Rising bass queen Steller has been making waves with her exotic fusion of experimental bass, hip-hop and other musical influences. “Mind Shaker” is the next step in her evolution, with the sonic capacity to flip your brain upside down. The level of distortion and grimy wubs in this electrifying anthem is unmatched. The artwork is a great visual representation of the feeling that listeners will experience across this track.

Justin Jay, Bayer & Waits – Wait For The Drop (VIP Edit) [Deadbeats]

In shocking fashion, Justin Jay debuted in bass music just a few weeks ago with Wait For The Drop, an EP blending his house roots with a bass twist, primed for its encompassing imprint, Deadbeats. Inspired by Denver’s bass scene, the EP offers four tracks, including the festival-ready VIP Edit of “Wait For The Drop,” drawing from trap influences with high-pitched vocals. Linking with Bayer & Waits on the song, this remix tops the original by stuffing a plate full of wubs down its audience’s throat.

VAMPA – Bad Bodies [Self-Release]

Leaning more on the bass house side of bass music, VAMPA is simultaneously tantalizing and terrifying in “Bad Bodies.” This thrilling anthem is accompanied by “Dizzy” and “Temptress,” earning the title of this three-track EP. “Bad Bodies” is Halloween meets underground house with a side of twisted bass. It includes sensual rhymes and unique sound design.

GorillaT – Wibble Wobble [MMXVAC]

Another blasting rap anthem is GorillaT’s “Wibble Wobble,” which will make you want to bounce up and down uncontrollably. It is a melting pot of trap, bass, house, and hip-hop, to name a few. With sonic similarities to “Wibble Wobble” we would like to give an honorable mention to Dirt Monkey and Virus Syndicate’s “Terror Dome,” which effectively brings back the OG Dirt Monkey sound.

FLY, Player Dave – Blink [Memory Palace]

FLY is starting to become a regular on our bass charts, due to his ability to combine natural landscapes and unrivaled production in each one of his projects. Now he has teamed up with Player Dave on “Blink.” There really are not many words that can be said about this track. Just know that it is magical, introspective, and meditative, with the power to uplift the soul. 

Rated R – Sleepy Hollow [Self-Release]

Taking a complete 180 from “Blink,” Rated R’s “Sleepy Hollow” will make you want to throw your head through a brick wall. A chaotic barrage of riddim and ground-shaking dubstep, this banger may very well be the top festival anthem of the year so far. It is primed for sets at Lost Lands and other bass-curated festivals, and will likely be rinsed by headliners across the world, from Excision to SVDDEN DEATH.

Mystic Grizzly, Lukewarm, Janis and the Planets – Take Me Somewhere [Self-Release]

If you are looking to expand your sonic horizons, then you have come to the right place. Mystic Grizzly has been on a mission of pulling from cultures across the planet and intertwining their sounds with experimental bass. Joined by Lukewarm and Janis and the Planets, Mystic’s latest offering “Take Me Somewhere” has a title aligned with the experience that it delivers. Mixing the popular Indian and Pakistani instrument sitar, with interstellar soundscapes, this tune washes over like a wave of relaxation.

Blanke, Au5 – Turmoil [Monstercat]

Blanke and Au5 join forces in “Turmoil,” an innovative fusion of color bass and dubstep, taking listeners on an exhilarating adventure through sonic experimentation. The track, part of Blanke’s Emergence EP, showcases thrilling buildups and soul-snatching drops, incorporating elements of hard dance and synthwave. Within this spellbinding single lies a profound message: beauty inevitably blossoms amidst turmoil, resonating deeply with the project’s thematic exploration of contrasting energies and emotions.

INZO – Young Majestic [Lowly]

Chicago-based experimental bass artist INZO continues his streak of psychoactive anthems with “Young Majestic,” infusing thrilling hip-hop elements into his extraordinary sound. Overflowing with wubs and spacey effects, the track transports listeners to another realm. Known for his euphoric melodies and sophisticated percussion, INZO, born Mike Inzano, gained recognition with his breakout single “Overthinker.” He has since performed alongside industry heavyweights like LSDREAM, Liquid Stranger, and CloZee, cementing his status as a ascneding star in the genre.

Homemade Spaceship – My Sunshine (Comisar Remix) [Self-Release]

A feel-good remix from Comisar, his flip of Homemade Spaceship’s “My Sunshine” is a fever dream of future bass and immersive melodies. Comisar channels raw noise into refined sonic energy, embracing the mystical in experimental bass. His omniscient production transcends tradition, blending psychedelic bass, synths, and vocal layers. 

He taps into cosmic energy through deep bass frequencies, crafting a melodic tapestry that reflects interconnectedness and creative potential, refreshing sonic landscapes.

Champagne Drip, 9 Theory – AI Butterfly [WAKAAN]

It is hard to explain, but Champagne Drip and 9 Theory’s “AI Butterfly” feels like the best sonic representation of its title. It blends sentimental vocals with enchanting melodies, all poured into a hybrid of future bass and trap. Furthermore, it is a fantastic marker of how far both artists have come since the origins of their careers. This piece of the puzzle makes up Drip Theory, Champagne Drip and 9 Theory’s aptly named collaborative four-track EP.

Barclay Crenshaw, Snowy – The Rebel [Easier Said]

Despite much of the upbeat and melodic tone found in Barclay Crenshaw’s sophomore LP, Open Channel“The Rebel,” featuring Snowy stands out for its alignment with the experimental sounds of modern bass music, akin to those found on labels like WAKAAN and Deadbeats.

Driven by eerie, horror-inspired piano keys reminiscent of the Friday the 13th movie saga, “The Rebel” is an anxious showcase of powerful, earth-shaking bass, capable of rousing even the Lochness Monster from her slumber. It serves as a warning of Crenshaw’s deep fascination with ominous sounds, contrasting the lighter material prevalent throughout Open Channel.

REAPER – BALANCE [Bassrush Records]

Closing out the top bass tracks from March, it was impossible not to include a healthy dose of DnB to crank up your speakers to. This drum & bass comes in the form of REAPER, who took the scene by storm with the release of his highly-anticipated sophomore album, CHALLENGER. Despite being just three minutes long, “BALANCE” will have you sweating bullets by the end of it from dancing so hard, featuring an aggressive bassline and hypnotic vocals. Other standouts from the album are “CALL MY NAME” and “COLD CASE” with Bella Renee.


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