June 17, 2024

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The 15 Best Melodic Techno Tracks Of April 2024

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Welcome to this monthly chart, where we identify and break down the top 15 melodic techno anthems.

April was stacked with high-energy tracks, hosting a ton of interstellar originals and remixes from household names in melodic techno and underground talent. Get ready to submerge yourself in a sonic journey through the latest hits within this genre.

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Space Motion – French Kiss [Space Motion Records]

Hailing from Serbia, house and techno maverick and labelboss Space Motion has been making massive waves across the global electronic scene. With support from the likes of CamelPhat, Solomun, Black Coffee, Tiësto, and Martin Garrix, to name a few. Specializing in melodic techno, he puts his signature twist into “French Kiss,” making a provocative anthem. This X-rated track is equal parts sonically graphic and gripping, similar to that of Mau P’s “Your Mind Is Dirty” in its sexual nature.

Miss Monique – Look At You [Interstellar]

Consistently proving to be the queen of progressive house and melodic techno, Miss Monique simply does not miss. “Look At You” keeps her hot streak going strong, layered with dreamy vocals, interstellar effects, and a dramatic buildup. This trailblazing Ukrainian DJ-producer hybrid is guaranteed to put out more heaters like this one throughout the remainder of 2024.

Rinzen – Terraforming [This Never Happened]

Rinzen, the half-Japanese artist based in Los Angeles, flipped melodic house and techno on its head with the release of his debut album Bend To The Light this month. When it comes to experimentation, Rinzen is at the top of his class, and this clearly shows throughout the 10-track LP. Stand-outs are “Burnin’” with Shallou, “The Pursuit,” and “Astronauta,” but “Terraforming” is arguably the most mesmerizing of the bunch. Take a listen and lose yourself in an alternate sonic reality, where time and space are warped for its entirety.

Nihil Young, James De Torres, Adam Nazar – Moth to a Flame [Harabe]

Teaming up with James De Torres and Adam Nazar, Nihil Young is on a roll with “Moth to a Flame.” A driving progressive beat is woven together with riveting vocals that will have listeners on the edge of their seats. Its EP counterpart, “Come With Me,” with James De Torres too, is just as captivating. There is overlap between the lyrics and the way this song makes you feel: one line talks about not being able to resist.

Vomee – Bring It Back [Siamese]

From the mind of Italian-born, Amsterdam-based artist Gianluca De Girolamo, Vomee has been given the nod by melodic techno stalwarts such as Adriatique, Tale of Us, and Agents Of Time. “Bring It Back” takes vocals from a classic and makes it an irresistible, high-energy track. This thumping tune is one of ten from the Siamese Anthology VII compilation. Other must-listen to songs on this project are 19:26’s “Siren Echoes” and Notre Dame’s “Prisoners.”

Alexey Union, Povar – Stranger [Harabe]

Joining forces for a two-track progressive EP, Alexey Union and Povar’s fusion of their signature styles will have you in a trance. Alongside “Damage,” “Stranger” is a sonic journey, complemented by opera-esque vocal echoes, unique synths, and a groovy bassline.

Alex Breitling – Wasted Youth [Exx Muzik]

A master of bridging together deep bassline, claps, synths, pianos, and other soundscapes, Alex Breitling never fails to create a memorable atmosphere in every track he releases. “Wasted Youth” is a perfect complement to its encompassing label Exx Muzik, pushing the boundaries of melodic techno by bringing together an iconic vocal sample with robotic and futuristic sound design.

Extra Terra – Feel the AGI [MAN x MACHINE]

Speaking of robotic, Extra Terra’s “Feel the AGI” is reigning in the future of melodic techno. Usually known for cyberpunk and synthwave anthems, Extra Terra showcases he can forge any genre, on top of blending multiple together. “Feel the AGI” still works elements of cyberpunk but is centered around melodic techno and a familiar artificial intelligence-based vocal. 

Reezer – Redline [Braslive Records]

Reezer, a rising Brazilian artist, captivates global audiences with his dynamic style and innovative approach to melodic house and techno. With 30 million streams, he has been supported by Tiësto, Vintage Culture, and more. Collaborations with KVSH, Dubdogz, and Bruno Be showcase his versatility, and so does “Redline.” This is one of the softer tunes on this month’s chart, backed by emotional and introspective lyrics.

Roman Kyn – Melting [Siamese]

Fusing indie and electronic realms, Roman Kyn, a composer, vocalist, and electronic producer, has clearly crafted a distinctive sound. His compositions blend rhythmic ritual with melodic richness, showcased through live performances that meld instrumental improvisation and modern technology. “Melting” is the title track from his fascinating new three-track EP. It kicks off the project with a resonating soundscapes and vocals that will send chills through your body.

Zafrir – En Den Dino [ZAF Records]

Starting his musical journey in elementary school, Zafrir cultivated a diverse skill set, mastering instruments like guitar, piano, and more. Immersed in global music from an early age, he delved into traditional ethnic styles, mastering instruments from various cultures. His live performances feature DJ sets intertwined with his mastery of multiple instruments, offering an innovative experience in electronic music. “En Den Dino” is primed for late-night club adventures and will have its audience locked in from beginning to end.

Matan Caspi, Teklix – Jungle Quest [Outta Limits Recordings]

Both Outta Limits Recordings regular, Matan Caspi and Teklix bring the heat in “Jungle Quest.” Properly titled, this track makes you feel like you are on a nighttime expedition through the Amazon. My favorite part is a sample that they expertly place throughout, sounding very similar to the noise that Call Of Duty Zombies would make when each round is about to start. Also, the tribal instrumentation and variety of percussion is seamlessly layered.

El Mundo, Zazou – Trace of Life [Quetame]

With over two decades in the electronic music scene, El Mundo’s journey began as a DJ in Nijmegen in 2002. Teaming up with Satori in music production led to international acclaim by 2007. Transitioning to his solo career around 2012, he relocated to Berlin to refine his unique sound. Collaborating with Zazou birthed numerous releases and the establishment of his label, Quetame, marking a new chapter in his musical evolution. Their newest collab “Trace of Life” is overflowing with airy effects and an enchanting ethnic vocal lead.

Stereo Express, Anunnakis – Abidos [Off World]

Stereo Express, a multifaceted producer, DJ, and live act, guides his audience through melodic journeys, viewing himself as a storyteller drawing in crowds with harmonious blends of high energy and smooth melodies. Recognized as one of the TOP 10 Melodic Techno artists globally in 2020, his track “REBIRTH” hit 2 million plays on Spotify. His 2023 release, “Rise Of The 2nd Sun,” topped Beatport charts and launched on his new label, Off World. Having performed in 50 countries, Stereo Express is delivering his stunning sound worldwide. “Abidos” with Anunnakis, which means “the children of heaven on Earth,” is a spellbinding melting pot of melodic techno 

Abstraal, Jas/t – End Times [UNSEEN Records]

After being featured in February’s melodic techno chart, Abstraal and Jas/t are back with another soul-lifting track. “End Times” is a cultivation of stabs, plucks, and transcendent synths, sending listeners to an otherworldly sonic dimension. It is paired with “Axis Mundi,” which is also intense and beautifully sculpted.


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