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Troye Sivan | Biography

Troye Sivan | Biography

Quick Facts
Name: Troye Sivan
Date of Birth: June 5, 1995
Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
Nationality: Australian
Ethnicity: Jewish
Education at: Carmen School, Perth
Profession: Actor, Singer and YouTuber
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Official Website:

Troye Sivan, born as Troye Sivan Mellet is a South African-born, celebrated Australian YouTube personality, actor and singer. Sivan is widely known as one of the beloved former child stars of Hollywood blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Additionally, he is notable for having an illustrious career as a YouTuber with million of subscribers. Born on 5 June 1995, he spent two years of his early life in Johannesburg, South Africa. Later on, his family came back to Australia. He holds Jewish identity as his religious background. His mother was born Christian, but later converted to Judaism on getting married. Sivan received his early education at home along with his three siblings.

Sivan first made the start of his professional career as a teen singer. In three consecutive years, he performed at Channel Seven Telethon. In 2006, he has jointly sung with an Australian Idol, Sebastian. Following year, Sivan was one of the final candidate on Star Search show which made him a recognizable face around the country. By February 2008, Sivan landed his big break, releasing his first debut album entitled “Dare to Dream”. On September of that year, he performed live at Burswood Entertainment Complex. Looking at his growing fame, On 5 June 2013, EMI Australia made a contract with him, however, it was not officially disclosed until a year later. Apart from his fantastic singing career, Sivan has established reputation as a remarkable child actor. His role in Oliver as Oliver Twist is remembered to this day which earned him wide acclaim. In February 2008, he was approached for the role in groundbreaking blockbuster X-Men Origins; Wolverine in which he was portrayed as James Howlett. That year he also starred in Betrand the Terrible, a short Western Australian film. Sivan next landed a lead role in Spud, movie based on novel authored by South African writer John Van de Ruit. Adding more, his other professional activities include creating a YouTube video on a regular basis. As of 28 June 2014, he has made more than two million subscribers and exceeded ninety one million views to his credit.

Having experienced an early success in his professional career, Sivan is economically set who seems to be living a privileged life.But up to now, none of authentic source has compiled an earning & net worth of this young YouTuber. However, it is sure as shooting that success in Troye’s professional career has contributed greatly to bring massive wealth, prosperity and abundance in his life.

Bringing out some interesting facts about Sivan’s life, he is a kind of guy who is unwilling to keep his personal life private. As of August 7, 2010, he defiantly came out as a gay. In the recent past on 7 August 2013, Sivan spoke publicly about his sexual preference via a video on his YouTube Channel. Before, Troye came out of the closet last year, many people were deluded with thought that a girl named Kayla who would appear in his tweets and instragram must be his girlfriend. Now, the real question for his fans and celebrity hounding media is to expose his boyfriend. Sivan’s age is 19 years now. Troye is five feet and eight inches in height with an outstandingly impressive look. The young online personality, loves to pose shirtless to impress audiences.

Having worked super hard, Sivan has tasted an early success in his career. As one of the popular twitter celebrities, Troye Sivan has made a massive fan following in social sites. A brief information about his life history can be read out in the Wiki. Additionally, popular celebrity gossip site has also published some useful information about him.



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